Writing prompt :: 3 ::

​Let’s talk about that flying guinea pig. No, I’m not kidding. Guinea pigs are cute and flying ones seem totally appropriate writing topics.


What I want to say, is: have you ever read a story/book/poem/article and you have thought – this is impossible – the author is insane – mildly put: Wth is this about? And you have read on. Nevertheless. And then there it was. The threads came together and suddenly the flying guinea pig seemed totally okay. With a huge ahhhhh. It even seemed to be a miracle.

Come on. A little absurdity makes stories what they should be  – taking the reader to places that change the way they recognise the world.

Choose a flying guinea pig. Or several. 

Let them fly.

Write. Promptly.

​Writing is a must.

Writing is lust. “No limitations. I am creator when I write. I am the hand. I play.” Writing prompts for you now on my website. ✏📖 


Perfectly powerful


Per piece “P”

Mindmap around words starting with ‘p’.

Select three words that startle you most.
Write your ‘p’- poem.