Enamel – another glimpse!

And here is finally another little scene out of my myth ‘Enamel’, for you to enjoy!

… She had woken up with a start, taking a deep breath. Her lungs seemed to be empty after a long dive into water. The world had changed and the air had been warm and wet and her pinafore a sticky handicap. Drops had fallen from her skin, sweat and goose bumps all over her. Where am I? There, the valley. But the sheep? Earth-brown and moss-green all around her, a constant buzzing over her head, so much noise. The light had been soft, tasteful, touchable and green. Where, where? She had hastily looked around in a circle and she had seen – life. Chaotic, overwhelming, moist with dew. Everything had been moving. Ants had been busy carrying leaves around her feet over branches and thick and smooth leaves. A tiger-colored snake had gathered on a branch. Insects. Something had caressed her skin, her hair, her cheeks. Butterflies. Butterflies all over her head, blue, ocean-blue, sky-blue, cloud-blue. Their wings had fluttered, fighting a race against her breath, fast, exhilarating, a waterfall around her. „”Where?” she had blinked. Sand, grass and meeeeh. And then again blue and buzzing and green. The images had kept racing, changing, in and out and she could only try to gasp. Salt and earth, chlorophyll. Panic had told her to grab something hard and tight to have a root to come back to. An anchor to herself. The stake. No stake. Stake. She had felt the room in her hand filling and emptying. She had cried and she had shouted. “Stop! Please – stop.” There had been no end, and she had closed her eyes, her ears with her hands, she had curled up in a ball on the ground. Warm and cold. “Please.”

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