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I have been writing for such a long while on a mythical story which is dear to my heart because it is just a deep steep digging into my heart, a pulling of my soul put into words and metaphors and – love. That is exactly the reason why I now, that it is finished, will go all the steps towards publishing it. Which means, creating illustrations, setting up the right layout, finding the right self-publishing platform and foremost – encouraging myself that it is worth bringing out there into your hands. My very first step has been already done – the story is proof-read and edited! Yay! So here comes the next: giving you a little sneak preview of the story!

Also, I will share my further journey to becoming a published author here on the blog. You are welcome to join in and follow me (subscribe to my newsletter in the footer!) :).

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Are you ready?

Girl rests her fingers on the glass. Cold. Smooth. Fingers remember the ice they touched yesterday, the winning ice. It took life. Electricity running from glass to ice to heart. Images flash. Sun on her hair, her arms glistening and warm tea running in her veins. The butterfly falling on the grass. The sky threw him away and she sheltered him from the wind, her hands a tent, a casket, a vase. Gentle quivering in her hand. “Do you hear the sun, dear? Rest. I am your shelter.” The glass is a wall. Does it always feel this way? She remembers the cinnamon, the fire, prickling, tingling flames all over her arm and she touches it again. Girl, you are about to change everything. Are you ready? Her eyes meet her own gaze in the mirror glass. Yes, she thinks.

Her fingers are still. Ice throwing flames at the surface. Little sparkles dance, dance, dance. The glass is shivering, up and down, up. Touch is no touch any longer and girl is diving into ice, a torch in the dark. Resting her arm on an invisible branch she grasps through the glass, takes a hold on the little needle. Come, she whispers, come, the sun is back.

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